West Highland puppies

Not only are they adorably cute, but they boast happy, fun-loving and outgoing personalities too. In short, they are the perfect choice either as a family pet or companion dog. Westies are also one of the more popular breeds in the show ring and have been for decades.

They are intelligent little dogs and love to please which means training a Westie is normally easy. They are known to get on well with children and love nothing more than to be part of a family, but care has to be taken when a Westie is around smaller animals and pets because they are terriers and their instinct to hunt remains very strong.

All our puppies come with:

Full Vet Check

We provide the puppies first vaccinations accompanied by a signed vet card & treated for fleas and worms to date

FREE Insurance

4 Weeks FREE Pet Insurance • Microchipped, which will be registered online by us while you wait, to you as the new owner

FREE Essentials

Puppy training pads for the journey • Puppy Pack containing Royal Canin Mini Junior and lots of handy information

More about West Highland Terriers

The Westie is not only one of the cutest terriers around, but they have wonderful personalities too. They are the perfect choice for first time owners because these little white dogs like nothing more than to please. This paired to their intelligence means they are easy to train.

Westies are known to be outgoing, affectionate albeit “naughty” characters, but they form incredibly strong bonds with their owners which means they are wonderful watch dogs and soon let their owners know when there are any strangers about.

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